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S45C hard chrome plated steel bar

S45C hard chrome plated steel bar

S45C hard chrome plated steel bar
S45C hard chrome plated steel barS45C hard chrome plated steel bar
CategoriesChrome Plated Piston Rod
BrandHYDRO Precision Steel Pipe Manufacturer
FOB portShanghai
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeFebruary 3,2023
Detail Information

S45C hard chrome plated steel bar

Material:S45C hard chrome plated steel bar
ToleranceISO f7 
Chrome thickness:20~50micron
Hardness of  the chrome layer: 800HV(min)
Roughness: Ra 0.2micron (max)
Straightness: 0.1/1000mm
Yield Strength≥350 Mpa   
Tensile Strength≥580 Mpa  
Elongation≥ 15%
Supply condition:1.Hard chrome plated
2.Induction hardened
3.Quenched & Tempered
4.Induction hardened with Q&T

Chemical Composition

Ck450.42-0.500.50-0.800.17-0.37≤0.035≤0.035  ≤0.25
ST52≤0.22≤1.6≤0.55≤0.04≤0.04   0.02-0.15 
20MnV60.17-0.241.30-1.700.10-0.50≤0.035≤0.0350.10-0.20       ≤0.30
42CrMo40.38-0.450.50-0.800.17-0.37≤0.035≤0.035   0.07-0.120.90-1.20
40Cr0.37-0.450.50-0.800.17-0.37≤0.035  ≤0.035 0.80-1.10

Mechancial Properties

CK4580063020>41JQ + T
ST5250035522 NORMALIZE
42CrMo498085014>47JQ + T
40Cr100080010 Q + T

Corrosion Resistance:

Min 120 hours NSS Rating 9 test according to ISO 9227 and ISO 10289 for the evaluation of the results.

Induction Hardeness50-55HRC
Induction Layer1.7-2.5mm


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